In many parts of our world people are suffering the hardships of wars and violent conflicts. Many of them are forced to flee from their homes and become refugees, perhaps because of torture or other violations of their human rights. These situations are deeply tragic for the individuals and families involved and often disastrous for their health situation. 
        Health professionals can play an active role in the relief work to help the victims of violent conflicts, but these efforts are short-term and palliative. A more cost-effective and sustainable solution is to prevent conflicts to arise.   
        Therefore, this department is dedicated to campaigning for disarmament, the promotion of human rights and the prevention of conflicts by creating understanding between people and countries.          
     As future physicians we have the possibility and the responsibility to make this world a better place for refugees and those who are persecuted and tortured. We in SCORP want to take that possibility; we want to make a difference since we believe that :

We Have The Power To CHANGE !

     For more information please contact the department's coordinator Oana Popescu.

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