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Touristic Country

   For weekends trips or for your spare time, you have to know the most intersting places when you choose your itinerary.

a. The monasteries in Moldavia (all tour about 200km from Iasi)
The Monasteries are the most important touristic objective in Moldavia. Maybe you have already heard about Voronetz, Moldovitza or Putna, famous by the unique architectural style and by the mural paintings. If you want to know more about the romanian monastires and religion, go here.
b. The Black Sea (400 km from Iasi)
  If you like the sea, the watersports, you can visit romanian seaside. There are a lot of summer resorts with good hotels and everything you need for having great fun.
c. The Prahova Valley
Prahova Valley is a pass betweenTransylvania and Moldavia through the Carphatians mountains. there are beautiful mountain resorts like Sinaia or Predeal, points of departure for trips or ski.
d. Brasov (320 km from Iasi)
   One of the most beautiful cities of Romania, laying between mountains, with a lot of historical and architectural monuments (like Black Church, Castle of Brasov, area of Schei, etc). just close to Brasov is Poiana-Brasov, one of the best places in Eastern Europe for ski, mountain trips and sports.
   In Brasov, by the end of august, takes place a big music festival - "The Golden Stag".
e. Bran - The Castle of Dracula
   Located near Brasov (25km), Bran is famous by the Castle where the legend told that Dracula lived. It's a very "nice" castle from XIVth century.Close to the castle is a museum and a traditional market.
f. Sighisoara (300 km from Iasi)
   an ancient medieval citycharacteristc for the presence of the Saxons in Transilvania. It's like german "burg" and you may visit: The Monastery of Thousand Stars, The Clock Tower (the oldest mechanical clock in Eastern Europe). In July is a carnaval on the streets.
g. Danube Delta
Biggest Delta in Europe, where you can see only nature, not industry or engines, onlywater, birds,unknown places. You can fish, travel by boat. If you like adventure, it's the best place.

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