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  How to get Iasi ? First thing to do when you come in Romania is to change some money to have for transport. More details about this you get here.
  If you arrived in Romania by plane you have to move from Otopeni International Airport to the city (20km). You can use bus no. 300 (a ticket=0,25$) or take a taxi (about 10$).From Bucharest to Iasi you may come:
 - by car - if you are able to rent one;

 - by train - 5 trains a day (one ticket 10-20$ according to class and train type);
    Important: The trains bellow runs from Bucharest to Iasi. If you consider to arrive in Romania in another city than Bucharest, please visit the on-line romanian trains timetable in order to find out the trains from that city to Iasi (select english by clicking the top-right icon and after follow the instructions).

Train number Train
Departure (Bucharest) Arrival (Iasi)
651 R 5.51 12.26
661 R 12.05 18.32
551 IC 16.35 22.26
663 R 23.00 5.37
657 R 23.55 6.29

R means 'Rapid' (express) and IC means Inter-City;

- by plane - 2 direct flight daily (30$);

    If you come in Romania by train you will arrive in North-Station Bucharest ("Gara de Nord") and you'll have the same three posibilities as in the first case.

From Budapest (Hungary) are direct trains and planes to Bucharest.

     For any further details please contact local coordinator from Iasi (Loredana Vintu) by e-mail or phone (+0040-92-479250 from abroad and 092-479250 from Romania).

    If you consider this procedure might be improved please let us know by writing your suggestions in our guestbook.

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