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    The 'Orphanage Initiative' project is run by RFMSA (Romanian Federation of Medical Students Associations) in cooperation with IFMSA.
     The goal of the project is to reintegrate the children in the social life, giving the an opportunity to build up a life outside the orphanage. This can be achieved by working with psychological as well as physical rehabilitation of children.

   The most important goal  however, is to establish a deep constructive contact between students and the orphans. It is also important to ensure the primary health care, which is neglected because of the lack of staff.
    The students from different fields of study will gain experience under very special conditions. They will have the opportunity to learn about establishing an emotional contact with a child, to communicate with foreign children living in situation of emotional stress.

  International Coordinator:
Jorund Asvall
MedPost 194, MTFS
7489, Trondheim
phone: +0047-97038646
National coordinator:

Loredana Vantu
095-546353 (from Romania)
+0040-95-546353(from abroad)


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