International Student Identity Card

Coordinator : Barat Veronica

        The ISIC association produce and distribute International Student Identity Cards (ISIC). This year, almost 3 million students will have an ISIC. The card is distributen in almost 90 countries and it is accepted by historical and cultural institutions all over the world.

         During years, ISIC became a "must have" in arranging the trips by plane, train, bus, ship and also in relation with local services providers.


        To help the young travellers, the ISIC association edited over one million copies of the "Traveling Guide" in which are described the discounts for travelling, the benefits of the students and the ISIC office list covering all over the world. This offices are ready anytime for your assistance.         

     We invite you to contact our Organization to find out how you can get one ISIC. For more information please contact the coordinator.

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